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Riptide Messaging
Riptide Messaging

Product and Design Strategy

Using a JIRA Kanban board to guide and track priorities, I took on multiple roles throughout the product life cycle. For messaging, onboarding, payments, employee signups, and more, I was directly involved in design and prototyping. Using Angular and Bootstrap, I mocked up and built interactive templates, speeding the time from concept to application. Beyond testing and deployment, I was involved in user testing, employing services like, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager to spot breakdowns and retrospectively analyse and calibrate performance metrics.


To align user needs and business goals, onboarding efforts centered around signing up SMBs with customer-facing business profiles. A responsive web app accessible via mobile and desktop browsers incorporated learn flows and validation designed to deliver aha moments to the user. During onboarding, they share information and receive phone calls and text messages on their business and mobile phones.

Messaging App

Businesses want to stay close to customers and view information relevant to the service they've provided. To address this dictum, the chat UI exposes conversations, notifications, messages, and customer profiles in a series of master/detail views.