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California's Civil War

Regional Management in the Bay Area


In California and specifically the Bay Area, population growth and development have exacerbated the need for regional management. As early as the 1930s, citizens of the Bay Area have sought regional solutions to the problems posed by growth. Efforts to establish regional government and objectives, however, have met vigorous challenges. To date, local governments have been unwilling to diminish their control over land use decisions. Hence, comprehensive regional management in the Bay Area has not emerged. Framed by this analysis, this article draws attention to two specific areas of research: (1) the constraints imposed by local control from the regional and local perspectives and (2) alternative methods for addressing regional needs. For reasons discussed below, the existing relationship between local and regional control must change.

Pay, Geoffrey. "California's Civil War: Regional Management in the Bay Area." Environs. May 1995: 72-79. Print.