UI/UX Design and Development

As a frontend developer and designer, I seek opportunities to deliver user-validated product designs and prototypes and to engage in development pre- and post-launch to iterate to positive outcomes. My journey has exposed me to many domains, including messaging, payments, balloon piloting, and intelligent buildings. Working with mature as well as nascent industries informs the principle-driven processes I follow.

If you're looking for a hands-on, detail-oriented team member who can ideate, amplify, and execute solutions, get in touch. You'll find samples of professional and passion projects under:

Design Knowledge

Iterative, context-driven solutions that promote design thinking, leverage established UI patterns, minimize noise, and enhance discoverability.

Technical Skills

Rapid prototyping and front-end development employing JavaScript-based frameworks and tools (HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, AngularJS, VueJS, React, and JQuery) to model microinteractions, elicit requirements, and validate assumptions.

Communication & Leadership

Committed to best coding practices including linting, documenting, and testing. Experienced conducting user interviews and producing dev/design artifacts (prototypes, UMLs, sitemaps, wireframes, workflows, personas, user stories, storyboards) to validate needs, facilitate testing, analyse outcomes, and build stakeholder buy-in.